Home cooking

NJ-Cook4You Catering works with fresh, seasonal products and prepares all products themselves. Below you will find a small selection from the range of next season. Of course we take into account dietary wishes, allergies and other preferences. A 3-course dinner can be ordered from € 45,50 per item. Prices for a 4-course menu are on request.


Appetizer Driffel of fish consisting of salmon tartar, marinated raw tuna and grilled lukewarm coquille

Lasagna of smoked salmon with rösti, green asparagus, frisée lettuce and a herbal dressing

In vanilla oil grilled coquille with a cream of sweet potato and balsamic syrup


Intermediate dishes Creamy mollusc soup with bacon, spring onion and shii dishes

Piece of grilled beef bavette with a risotto of forest mushrooms and shallots Quail bouillon with a mushroom ravioli


Main dishes Soft-fried oxen with a cream of parsnip, green asparagus and portjus

Lamb fillet with lavender cream, grilled vegetables and a thyme juice Roasted duck breast fillet with truffle potato cream, green vegetables and a candy candy


Desserts White chocolate mousse with honey marinated red fruit

Moulleux of chocolate with a strawberry shooter and strawberry sorbet ice cream Lemon meringue cake

Mobile: 06-150 56 880
Phone: 070 211 02 68
Email: info@nj-cook4you.nl


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