Walking dinner

Walking dinner consists of several courses, in which the portions are approximately equal to the size of an appetizer.
A walking dinner is a dinner that is served. The guests do not have to sit at the table, but they can also eat standing up or use a standing table. Ideal for larger groups. You can order a 4-course walking dinner, consisting of one starter, two (small) main courses and one dessert, from € 27,50 p.p.
(from 20 persons)


Softly baked veal with a tuna mayonaise (Vitello tonato)

Marinated pomodori`s with buffalo mozzarella and basil

Romanian lettuce with smoked chicken, quail dish of parmesan cheese

Salmon pie with caviar cream and a potato crisp

Glaze filled with marinated tomato and baked mushrooms *

Cappuccino of mushrooms and truffle cream Tied fish soup and shrimp spies


Soft-fried oxen with a spicy potato and portjus

Grilled pearloin with ratatouille and mushroom sauce

Baked sea bass with grilled vegetables and a beurre blanc

Red snapper with ribbon paste, sage, gamba and spice oil

Stuffed portobello with goat cheese grated with a pepper cream


Homemade Tiramisu

Marinated red fruit with white chocolate mousse

Moelleux with strawberries

Lemon meringue cake

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