NJ-Cook4You Catering works with fresh, seasonal products and prepares all products themselves. Below you will find a small selection from the assortment. Of course we take into account dietary wishes, allergies and other preferences. Fingerfood can be ordered from € 1,99 per piece



Crispy cup filled with truffle egg salad, green asparagus and bresaola

Marinated cube of raw tuna with two-color sesame and wasabidip

Wrap filled with truffle mayo, smoked ribeye, rucola and parmazaan

Bitter ball of risotto filled with mozzarella and parma ham

Manchego spoon with artichoke and a sliced soll tomato *

Salmon pie with capers and wasabi cream Baked gamba with a crunch of pancetta and sesame dip

Caprese on a stick *

Wrap filled with smoked duck breast, fig chutney and rucola

Goat cheese bonbon with Serranoham and honey

Oriental marinated beef on a spear

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