Catering Wassenaar

Whether it’s a birthday, a jubilee or other cozy gathering, the catering always plays an important role. Delicious fingerfood past the drink or a cozy dinner at home. It is therefore nice to be able to surprise your guests with this.
What will be on the menu will be entirely devoted to your wishes and the culinary twist of the chef. This, combined with the quality of the freshly prepared products, which the chef prepares for a minute, will make your guests amazed.

So whatever the opportunity is, NJ-Cook4You Catering is committed to making something special with you. Should you find it difficult to provide the right location, appropriate decoration or unique feel to your party, you can also contact us for a free advice. For more information, please contact.


Catering at your wedding

If you have a location where the catering is lacking then you are at the right place.
Have you ever thought of how to treat the catering, for example, it is a location with a large garden where you can enjoy a summer buffet in Italian style. Long-table tables with wine, bread and antipasti dishes as an appetizer. Or do you prefer a three or four course dinner where the hostesses are ready to serve you?

But also the reception or the party evening can be provided with fingerfood, what about a salmon tartar with wakamé and wasabicreme that combines well with prosecco or white wine. Ideas enough, a kitchen full of flavors and a day to never forget!

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